Spring Clean your Carpets

Spring is coming slowly upon us. The days are getting longer and it is increasingly lighter every day.

As we become more conscious about treating our planet kindly, chemical free cleaning is definitely the way forward.

As the sun starts peering through the clouds, we all start to get excited with the thought of sunny Spring days.

This is usually the time that we look around the house and get the urge to do a good clean, de-clutter and freshen up especially after a windy, wet winter and beginning of the year. Aside from the usual cleaning, it’s important to give the carpets a thorough clean. Dust mites and dirt get trapped deep down in the carpet fibres and regular hoovering isn’t always enough.

Spring for many people also means hay fever season. Pollen and dust can aggravate allergies so even more reason to eliminate all the dust and dirt from your home.

Deluxe Cleaning can provide a cleaning service for your home that is chemical free. Not only will this result in a super clean house but you can also have peace of mind that you are not polluting the planet and using environmental products. Our service doesn’t leave your home filled with smelly perfume or strong smells. Natural is best and our products are odourless. Another advantage is the quick drying time. It will all be done in no time, ready for you to enjoy your home again.

There are so many choices these days for natural cleaning products. They sit on most supermarkets shelves. Let’s face it, most cleaning just needs a bit of elbow grease anyway. Harsh strong chemicals are just not needed.

While on the subject of spring cleaning, you could go through each room and eliminate your household clutter. Most people have rooms filled with things we done actually need.

Less can be more. Keep things simple and this will enable you keep your home cleaner anyway. You will also have less to clean, or move around while cleaning.

Hard floors need thorough cleaning too. A simple wash here and there doesn’t always do the trick. Deluxe Cleaning can clean your wooden or tiled flooring. Another overlooked piece of furniture is upholstery. Upholstery on sofas or curtains can hold a lot of grime and especially dust. If you have children or pets then you know how dirty and dusty the sofas can get. Even a super powered hoover can’t get deep down to everything. A proper clean will also ensure that allergens are removed from your environment. This is definitely worth doing once a year at least. You can’t put a price on the health of you and your family.

We provide an efficient and friendly professional cleaning service. We will be happy to talk about what is needed for your home and give you a quote.

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