Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: A complete carpet care service including hot water extraction, bonnet buffing and dry powder cleaning as well as fire retardant, de-odourising, anti-static and stain guarding products.

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning - 30 minute drying time!
  • Hard Flooring: Scrub, clean, burnish and polish or dress to marble, stone, vinyl, amtico and wooden flooring.
  •  Maintenance Cleaning: To ensure we meet our commercial client needs we offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and six monthly maintenance cleaning. A thorough deep clean to all flooring is available.
  • Airport Cleaning: As a reliable and trustworthy company we have worked for the past 17 years at Heathrow and Gatwick airports and hold a permanent pass to access airside.
  • Local business: We have a large local business clientele in the Surrey, Sussex and Kent area servicing local restaurants, offices, care homes, pubs, schools and letting agents.
  • We also take on work in London.
  • We provide carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning
  • We also offer residential carpet cleaning.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial properties with high public access invariably see higher footfall than domestic properties. Shops, airports and other public buildings have a high standard of cleanliness that must be maintained to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for staff and visitors alike. Deluxe Cleaning has built up a strong reputation with major clients in these areas over many years of customer care and quality service.

We offer a complete carpet care service including hot water extraction, bonnet buffing and dry powder cleaning. We can also provide fire retardant, de-odourising, anti-static and stain guarding products. As well as commercial carpet cleaning, we can also provide upholstery and curtain cleaning services, to really make your commercial property stand out. Our skilled teams of cleaners can also provide a wide range of other commercial cleaning services, over and above commercial carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning.

Hard Flooring

If your hard flooring is showing signs of wear and tear in areas of high footfall, it can really spoil the look of your commercial property. We can scrub, clean burnish polish and dress a vast range of surfaces including marble, stone, vinyl, amtico and wooden flooring. After our team has been, your hard flooring will look as good as new, greatly enhancing the look of your property.

Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning

Regular scheduled cleaning ensures that your commercial property remains a pleasant and safe environment to visit and work in. Deluxe Cleaning offer our commercial clients regular scheduled visits on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or six-monthly basis to keep their premises in a tip top condition.

Airport Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Airports see particularly heavy footfall, and require regular and extensive cleaning services to ensure a pleasant environment for their customers and a safe working environment for their staff. Renowned for being the busiest airport in the world, Heathrow Airport requires regular and extensive cleaning, as does nearby Gatwick Airport. Deluxe Cleaning has been providing commercial cleaning services to both airports for over seventeen years, and we hold permanent passes to access airside to provide our commercial cleaning services.

When hiring new staff for airport work, we look for applicants who have a 5 year unbroken work history. We then obtain references for that time period and verify that each staff member has no criminal record.  We verify this with criminal record checks even if they have previously worked abroad.

Airports are high security areas and obviously will follow up on every reference.

Airports open at 5am, therefore any carpets being cleaned before this, have to be thoroughly dry before that time.  We have developed a carpet cleaning technique and we can have carpets dry within 30 minutes. This is an absolute necessity to prevent any ‘slip risk’.

As regards to health and safety, when working in commercial areas and airports we provide a risk assessment and method statement.  We also carry health and safety documents on all our products.

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Restaurant carpets usually require a specific method of cleaning due to the fact they become greasy quickly. Waiters walking in and out of the kitchen inevitably walk grease back and forth across the carpets. These carpets quickly get dirty and need frequent cleaning.

We have found a brilliant cleaning product that is sprayed onto the carpet which has no harmful chemicals and is completely odourless. This is then worked into the carpet with electrical brushes and is then extracted.  The carpet is left perfectly clean with no chemical residue and no odours.

Local business Carpet Cleaning

We provide our commercial carpet cleaning services to local business and organisations in Surrey, Sussex and Kent, as well as the greater London region. Our customers include local restaurants, offices, care homes, pubs, schools, letting agencies and many more. Our delighted customers come back to us again and again, as they know they will receive a superior friendly service, from our skilled staff.

Household Names

As a reliable and professional company, Deluxe Cleaning has built an enviable reputation over many years for providing world class commercial cleaning services. Because of this, many well-known household names with a reputation to uphold have contracted our services. Here are just a few that you may recognise:

American Airlines, Dixons Travel, Harrods International, Hermes, Bulgari, Thomas Pink, Prada and GUCCI.

So, if your commercial property is in need of some TLC, or you’re not completely satisfied with your current commercial cleaning contractors, call us today on 01342 301268 for a quotation. Alternatively, you can fill out our quotation request form below.

Once you have experienced our commercial cleaning services, you’ll be delighted you contacted us, and you’ll never look back.

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