Benefits of regular carpet cleaning

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In the home:

Having a fresh smelling clean home is just the best. No-one wants to return home every night after a long day at work, to a dirty smelly house.

We all like to have a comfortable and relaxing home that makes us feel happy and proud. Obviously we all clean the house regularly and tidy daily but we are here to talk about cleaning carpets.

Getting carpets cleaned regularly isn’t just for show or a nice thing to do. It’s also important for our health. Dirt and grime can build up quickly and get stuck into the carpet fibre. Even if you regularly hoover, most dirt and dust won’t be fully removed. Pets contribute more dirt, mud and animal hair.  The dust and hair gets stuck deep in the carpet and can cause allergies. When you have young children the house should be almost sterile.

The best time to get the carpets cleaned would be before the baby is born and then regularly afterwards. We all know that babies and children put everything in their mouths to eat or taste. Dirty, germy carpets are not the ideal thing for your baby to taste. Having a clean carpet will put your mind at rest.

Dust mites:

Dust mites can’t be seen by the naked eye. They are tiny and thrive on dead skin cells that are in bedding and carpets. It is recommended that you clean bedding regularly, roughly once a week. Most of us vacuum once a week but this isn’t always enough. Dust mites hang on deep in the carpet fibres. A proper carpet clean is therefore best. Even if you invest in doing it once a year, your house will be freer of dirt, germs and dust mites.

Chemical free:

In our current environment there are so many pollutants in the air that we breathe. These can adversely affect our bodies. Chemicals can overwhelm the body and liver, hence using chemical free cleaning products. Your home should be your retreat; a calm space to unwind in after a long day. No one wants to breathe in chemicals as a result of carpet cleaning.

Office Cleaning:

Offices are prime dirt magnets. They usually have a huge amount of staff traffic going in and out all day long so, it’s important to keep the space clean. Most offices will have hard flooring or a firm type of durable carpet. I’m sure we can all imagine the amount of dirt being walked in from outside, food being dropped and other spills or stains of tea and coffee going on the carpet. This can make a space start to look unprofessional and unwelcoming. Staff work better when they are in nice clean surroundings.

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