Residential Carpet Cleaning


Why should you use Chemical Free Cleaning?

Your carpet does a wonderful job for you all year round. The fibres trap dirt, pollen, dust and grime and keep this out of the air you breathe.

To keep your carpet doing this excellent job it needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year to remove all of these particles.

Our chemical free cleaning ensures a superior clean that you will really notice. Our technical expertise makes sure that all particles are loosened from the fibres and removed to give you a thorough clean.

Any odours are removed and all stains such as grease, ink, sugar, blood, wax, tar, lipstick, ketchup, shoe polish and food and drink stains are removed with consistent success!

The entire process is safe and odourless and with no harmful residues left in your carpets its safe for children, pets and allergy sufferers!

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